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January 2023 New Releases Playing Now on IEM Radio

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Hope everyone has been having a great 2023 so far! I wanted to let you know about new releases coming out this month that you can now listen to on IEM radio.

Nakatomi Freefall

"The Other Side"

Eric C & Andrea Powell

Darwinmcd Remix

"It's No Wonder"

Star Madman & Fonz Tramontano


Vosto & Dimi Kaye

"Scrapyard Unity"

Violet Fears


Russ Lovelace


Bending Grid





Null-O Band

"Electra, My Love"

Featuring Retrograth


"Far in Love"

Criminals x Celina

by Chris Keya

World Wide Live

by Kiki Tones and OctoGain


by Thought Beings and Bunny X

Kaisland & EhRah - Time Goes By​ ​(EhRah Remix)

Sentinel - Life Goals (Blue Nagoon remix)

(Because ) We Belong

by Rogue FX and Dr Chrispy

There will be more new releases and some of my favorite tracks from 2022 making its way to IEM Radio. Thank you to all musicians, labels and music fans for your support!

Now there are 5 ways to play IEM Radio which include right here on Pop Art Ave and

Here's some more awesome artists you can hear on the station.


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