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Social Media Mayhem, Bandcamp and Pop Art Ave News

The past couple of weeks has been unique in the social media world including the mayhem that has been going on at the bird app also known as Twitter. Elon Musk purchased the social media platform and along with a lot of negative press and users' opinions it seems to have lost a lot of popularity. A new subscription plan was introduced that allowed users to obtain a "cherished" blue check mark by paying $8.00 a month. I believe this has been taken away recently at the time of writing this post due to many false accounts.

I've seen a lot of Twitter users start up new accounts on other social media platforms as well as dusting off old accounts they may have used in the past. From Tumblr to Mastodon, Instagram to Facebook as well as some outcries for My Space to make a comeback, the social media world and its users have been talking about what is next.

If you know me, I have always said I do not like social media but can see and value it purposes among indie musicians, artists and people that want to get their creations noticed. Two years ago, when I started using Twitter, I have done the same in trying to promote my website here as well as my YouTube channel and video series.

Let me know what you think of all of the social media craze and where do you plan to share your views going forward. Leave a comment below or on the socials.

You will always be able to find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and now just with my new account on Tumblr. here is my Linktree link to find me throughout the web:

Bandcamp continues to support indie musicians with Bandcamp Friday

With new ownership on the Bandcamp platform there still seems to be a good amount of support for all indie musicians and labels as Bandcamp Friday has still been active. Before I used social media, which introduced me to Bandcamp, I was mainly using iTunes as a loyal Apple user would being that the app was so accessible on my once iPod Touch and iPhones.

Since using Bandcamp I have found out about many genres of music and artists that I would have never heard of including synthwave, retrowave and electro pop just to name a few. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the #BandcampFriday posts I put out for everyone to shamelessly promote their music. This has always been a huge day finding new music as Bandcamp gives each artist a bigger profit from sales.

Which is your favorite music platform and why? I've tried using Spotify but haven't enjoyed it as much as I do Bandcamp. All of my music mixes I do on YouTube have always been with purchases I made on BC. Leave a comment below or on the socials and let me know of any other good music platforms to listen on.

The Future Of Pop Art Ave & The Beat On The Street

For the month of November, I plan to release a new music "mix tape" which I called Autumn Falls To Black. This mix will start with a lot of my favorite synthpop and electro pop tracks that will lead into EBM and dark pop songs. Stay tuned on my socials & YouTube channel for more information. You can listen to some of the other mixes on my YouTube channel here: Pop Art Ave - Michael Anthony - YouTube

In December, episode 17 of "The Beat On The Street" will be out to conclude 2022 with a Top 10 music video show. The top 10 videos will be my favorite music videos from all 16 episodes of the YouTube series.

In 2023, you will see season 2 of "The Beat On The Street" as well as more YouTube videos and music mixes as well as more "Let's Talk Music" episodes with many musicians.

Let me know what you think of my website & shows from 2022. It was a very busy year on the website with a now discontinued New Release page, Let's Get To Know musician interviews, reviews, articles and announcements. As most of you know this website, social media and YouTube videos are all made by me. I do not have any employees or a big company making this content for me, so I have slowed down a bit to focus more on my real life.

In addition to the website I also made video shows such as Let's Talk Music, The 4th Sector, music mix tapes and The Beat On The Street. Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment below or let me know on the socials.


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