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'Archipelago' by Vulture Party - New Album Release

Ever since I had their music video for 'Blood Wolf Moon' on my YouTube show, I have been listening more and more to Vulture Party. Their video is one of my favorites from 2022 and you can watch it below.

I'm excited to announce their new sophomore album will be out on Friday October 14. Vulture Party allowed me to listen to the album early and I've been loving it.

The album will be available to buy on pink vinyl and download/stream via all the usual platforms.

On October 14th, Vulture Party releases their second album, Archipelago, on Last Night From Glasgow, which features the singles ‘Blood Wolf Moon’, 'Iso Disco' and 'Afterlife'.

From the band:

Archipelago is our second album as it was never intended. Back in 2020, we were ready to hit the studio to lay down a fully written, good-to-go second album, but . . . enter pandemic, and thus a re-think.

What transpired was a change of direction and a new set of songs, written and put together from a distance. Each of us (David, Louise and Dickson) our own little island, we were forced - like many others - to collaborate in a new and government-rule-approved way. Sending files back and forth using a variety of pieces of kit, and software, we created Archipelago, an album about fear, isolation and hope. Using driving electronic beats, pulsing grooves and big hooks, the album reflects on love, family and friendship being all that counts when the rest of the world seems so bleak and far away.

Utilising a blend of male and female vocals (often dual), synths, piano, effect-laden guitar, 5-string bass and driving beats, Falkirk-based Vulture Party write alt pop for the socially conscious.

Click on the album cover to check out their new album on their Bandcamp page.

Watch their music video for 'Blood Wolf Moon' below:


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