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'On The Avenue' New Music Autumn 2022

In this 3-minute video I feature new music, top tracks and releases from indie musicians and labels from around the world. I'm sure you will find new music you can check out from many awesome artists.

Featuring (In order of video)

Click on musician names for their YouTube channel and links for their websites or Bandcamp pages.

@Cat Temper New Album

@Bending Grid New Track Featuring Frida BM

@Eva X New Album

You Said - New Single

Dead Air - Album

Something Strange and Beautiful - Album

On The Shoulders of Giants - Album

Liquid Crystal Daydreams - Album

Distorted Visions (Remixed Album)

Night Shift by Francci

@Star Madman & Manhatten Do It Again - Single

9 Lives - New Album coming out in November 2022


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