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Synthwave Music Mix YouTube Video

New Synthwave music mix featuring new releases and tracks from 2022.

All musicians and tracks are listed in video and are included below.

Listen to iem radio live 24 hours a day at or at the top or side of this website.

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IEM is Indie Electronic Music playing new releases in Synthwave, cyberpunk, electro pop, and more genres of electronica.

All music in video by:

Hearts In Beta


Violet Fears

Dug Masters

Night Razor - Jacket. Remix


Vitamin Dream

Mach Fox

Rogue FX


Future Analog

Nakatomi Freefall

Jonny Fallout

Saturno 5

Neon Vice 83

Your Friend Esteves

Station IDs by


Cait of Outworld Sounds

A BIG THANK YOU to Aztec Records, Retro Reverb Records & PurZynth Rekords!

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