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The Winter Chill Mix - Synthwave Cyberpunk Synthpop

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

New YouTube video music mix.

Check out my YouTube video below for a new music mix featuring some of my favorite synthwave, cyberpunk and electronica tracks from 2022 and new releases that have come out so far in 2023.

This is a 55-minute mix you can listen to at any time below.

Currently, you can also listen to these tracks on

iem Radio

right here on the website or at

Check out the video here and if you like it feel free to leave a comment below or on YouTube. All likes, subs, comments and feedback is very much appreciated!

New music mix featuring some of my favorite synthwave, cyberpunk, synthpop and electronica tracks. This is my 2023 January Winter Chill mix. Listen to all of these tracks on iem Radio at www.IndieElectronicMusic.comPlaying indie electronic music 24 hours a day!

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Featured musicians and track titles:

Cassetter & Anniee - Why Should We Waitfrom Parallel Reality by Cassetter

Togetherby Star Madman & Fonz Tramontano

EhRah & VENMC - Spike's Songfrom Stardust Genesis by EhRah

Turbocharged from Liquid Crystal Daydreams by Electron Odyssey

Trolls by Bad Guys Get Dead

You Can Change from Night Shifter by JESSY MACH

Ignite by Eightecs

Miami Knights by Aisle 9

Popcorn Kid & LAU - Free Forever from Turbo Drive, Vol​.​2 by Aztec Records

Thought Beings - Above It All from Turbo Drive, Vol​.​2 by Aztec Records

Nightshade by Lavallette

Run from Kiss of the Universe by Neon Black Dreams

Panic by Oblique

Down the Rabbit Hole from Memories of Nowhere by Jonny Fallout

Spun Out (feat. Dimi De San) from Self​-​Titled EP (feat. Dimi De San) by Neutron Solstice

Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror) by Echoberyl

Nocturnal Lucidity (Black Roses and Blood for Red Wine) from Lacrimorta by Lacrimorta

Rave by Russ Lovelace

Caught at the Disco from Is This What You Wanted? by Manhatten

The Rake (Summer Lies) from Circumjacent by Liquid Modern

California from All Of Those Nights by The Lightning Kids

Check out these musicians for more awesome music on their socials and websites. Thank you for watching and listening! Feel free to comment, like, subscribe. ALL feedback is greatly appreciated.

Mixed and made by Michael Anthony Pop Art Ave

The Beat On The Street YouTube Series

iem Radio

Indie Electronic

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