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The Beat On The Street Episode 16

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of music from synthwave to pop, cyberpunk, punk, rock and much more.

Episode 16 of the Beat On The Street features an interview with eLxar & a DJ set by VVMPYRE featuring music from Dark Tunes Music Group. This show is supported by Retro Reverb Records and RetroSynth.

Produced, edited and hosted by Michael Anthony. Please make sure to subscribe so we can keep bringing you the latest music videos and content.

Musician Links



Neon Black Dreams

OctoGain Featuring Kiki Tones

Blue Nagoon

On The Avenue (Featured Artists)

@Cat Temper

New Album

@Bending Grid

New Track Featuring Frida BM

@Eva X New Album

@Anniee @Cassetter @Dimi Kaye

You Said - New Single

@Alpha Chrome Yayo Dead Air - Album

@Electronic Ghost Machine

Something Strange and Beautiful - Album


@VH x RR On The Shoulders of Giants - Album

@Electron Odyssey

Liquid Crystal Daydreams - Album


Distorted Visions (Remixed Album)


@Star Madman & Manhatten Do It Again - Single

@shesgotclaws1 9 Lives - New Album coming out in November 2022

Dimi Kaye

To The Stars We Return

KZL Kaarin Zoe Lee

Aztec Records (October New Releases)

Black Rose Burning

Galactic Tapes

Weimar Band

The Blue Book Project

Jenn Vix

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Any genre of electronic, rock and pop music. All submissions will be reviewed for future shows. All permission has been given by artists to appear their music and videos in this show. The Beat On The Street features musicians in the many genres of music including #synthwave, #pop, #rock#ebm and much more.


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